About Us

About Us



Coming from our personal experiences...


Most of the available online stores don’t provide known brands, right collections , and worldwide free shipping! As a customer we crave more and that's what we want to provide because OH-MY-GAWD! To get a Ray-ban or an Oakley or even Acuvue lenses we had to check multiple sites to find the right product with the correct product information, and it isn't easy to find a site that collects high-quality product, the latest fashion and most importantly; trusting those online store to deliver the actual original product!!


We sat together and decided to set it right; we are "eyewear geeks", we have good connections with Official distributors, and we can set a whole new level of eyewear services to the market. We're not cocky about it, we're confident we can deliver.


In 2014, we started papering our ideas, putting them together and started planning the project. We purchased the best E-commerce platform, brought in developers from UK and started building Visione Boutique. It wasn't an easy task and trust me we almost lost our cool a couple of times but we pushed until we finally decided to shove to make it move even faster...


Of all the names in all the languages why "Visione Boutique"?


We started out with three names; finalized one, happy and excited, we registered the domain, Oops was taken...sad but true.


 We just kept coming up with names but no domain was available to register, we reached 50+ name! We were frustrated but then one day we had an epiphany - We're dealing directly with Italian distributors, which are the Maker of  90% of eyewear products worldwide, and Italy is the land of Fashion, so...let's make a relation!!....And so we selected Visione Boutique  along with our motto "Your Vision Our Mission". A bit cliché but it's ours.


We work 24*7*356 and Yes, we are Human.


We're dealing with DHL to deliver the international shipments, because Yes, we really care about our items to be delivered fast and safe. We deal with National Bank of Kuwait, to manage and provide the most secure payment gateway possible for both Credit Card and Debit Card.


We care about your needs, comfort and style because that's what we crave ourselves.


We care about your thoughts because it ultimately reflects who we are.


“Your Vision Our Mission”


Take care, Visione Boutique Team